Pedales para Guitarra

Pedal de Wah Wah Vox V845 Classic
ARS 5.318,00.-
Pedal Jim Dunlop JHW2 Authentic Hendrix 69 Psych Series Mini Octavio Fuzz
ARS 12.609,00.-
Pedal Electro Harmonix The Worm
ARS 12.400,00.-
Preamplificador/Ecualizador Fishman ToneDEQ PRO-DEQ-AFX
ARS 33.322,00.-
Preamplificador/Ecualizador Fishman Aura Spectrum DI PRO-AUR-SPC
ARS 39.077,00.-
Pedal Marshall Echohead EH-1 Delay
ARS 10.295,00.-
Pedal Marshall VT-1 Vibratrem Tremolo y Vibrato
ARS 6.520,00.-
Pedal Marshall RF-1 Reflector Reverb
ARS 10.295,00.-
Pedal TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb
ARS 14.470,00.-
Pedal TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay
ARS 14.470,00.-
Pedal TC Electronic Ditto Looper
ARS 12.615,00.-
Pedal BaroniLab The Time Delay TTDL
ARS 12.602,00.-
Pedal BaroniLab The Time Delay Pro con Tap Tempo DLTT
ARS 15.985,00.-
Pedal BaroniLab Moon Sound MNSN
ARS 12.602,00.-
Pedal BaroniLab Daves Comp DCMP
ARS 15.985,00.-
Pedal Proco Turbo Rat Distortion
ARS 15.825,00.-
Pedal Pro Co Solo
ARS 19.267,00.-
Pedal Neunaber Immerse Reverberator
ARS 22.555,00.-
Pedal Neunaber Wet Reverb v4
ARS 24.999,00.-
Pedal Truetone V3JH Jekyll & Hyde Overdrive - Distortion
ARS 16.615,00.-
Pedal Truetone V3RT66 Route 66 Overdrive - Compression
ARS 16.615,00.-
Pedal Truetone V3H2O H2O Chorus - Echo
ARS 16.615,00.-
Pedal Truetone V3XO VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive
ARS 16.615,00.-
ARS 18.470,00.-